Start-ups – From a Vision to Reality

Production Start-ups

Production Start-ups

From the first concept to the prototype. Moser-Baer AG is a master at realizing challenging start-up projects and leading them to success. Together we develop your MVP, which is designed to be tested directly with your first customers and presented to your investors.

Our Promise

At Moser-Baer, we understand the challenges and needs of start-ups and OEM partners like no other. Our promise: Everything from a single source. From the first draft to the final delivery – we are with you every step of the way. The earlier you contact us in the project, the more efficient the process and the more precise the solution.

Themes and Areas

Our dedication and commitment is dedicated to start-ups that push boundaries. We strive to support innovations that not only challenge existing industry standards, but also achieve sustainable and impact results.

Success stories prove our passion and expertise in leading start-ups to success. Convince yourself of our commitment!

The Processes

Design for Manufacturing

Following a successful feasibility analysis, we develop a detailed production concept. This includes the planning of production processes, the selection of materials and the design of production techniques. Our aim is to ensure efficient, scalable and high-quality production that meets our high standards.

Supply Chain Management

Effective supply chain management is crucial to the success of any start-up. We help to optimise the supply chain, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the end product to the customer.

CNC-Fräsen; Werkzeug wird mit Kühlmittel gekühlt

Precision Mechanics

In the field of precision mechanics, we combine craftsmanship and high-tech to ensure the flawless execution of every single component. Start-ups benefit from products that are manufactured with precision and care.


In electronics manufacturing, we combine innovative design principles with state-of-the-art technology. Our solutions are designed to maximize functionality while optimizing costs.


Precision and craftsmanship merge in the assembly process. We bring the individual parts of your innovative product together to create something bigger. Our assembly expertise ensures that every component fits and functions perfectly. This step is crucial because this is where quality becomes tangible. We guarantee that every product that leaves our assembly line is ready to conquer the market and delight your customers.


Quality is our top priority. Every step in the manufacturing process is subject to strict quality controls to ensure compliance and ISO standards (ISO 13485-2016 & ISO 9001-2015). We are also FDA certified.

Cleaning & Packaging

Medical technology instruments are first carefully cleaned to remove all contamination. Sterile packaging is then carried out in special systems, such as transparent bags or sterile containers. This type of packaging ensures that the devices are removed aseptically, maintaining sterility until they are actually used and thus minimizing the risk of infection.


We guarantee fast and reliable shipping so that our start-up customers’ products arrive on time and in perfect condition. Depending on the wishes, we either deliver directly to the customers or send the products to the start-ups.

Success Stories that Inspire

Trust in our Expertise

Our expertise in the production of small to medium-sized series is particularly valuable for start-ups. With our state-of-the-art and largely automated machinery, we guarantee production of consistently high quality. Our excellent planning and stable processes ensure outstanding delivery performance.

MOSER-BAER’s robust quality management system ensures that we not only meet but exceed our customers’ quality requirements and targets. Our corporate culture encourages open discussion about mistakes, which enables us to make continuous improvements.

For start-ups in the technology sector, we offer customized solutions based on the latest findings. Our modern machinery is geared towards realizing innovative products quickly and efficiently.

What are your advantages?

You get an ISO-certified and trustworthy partner at your side.

You are entering into a partnership with a company that has in-depth expertise in the start-up scene.

With our demonstrably strong and reliable quality guarantee, one thing is certain: your continuous support throughout the entire process is assured.

You have a central point of contact for highly complex products.

Everything from a single source = full-service provider

Realize your brilliant Idea!

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