The Art of Medical Technology

The companies of the Moser-Baer group offer a wide range of manufacturing technologies, products, and solutions for the medical technology industry

From A to Z

We will help you manufacture perfect products with development, design, material management, production, finishing, ultrasonic cleaning, surface finishing, quality management, and logistics. The sooner you contact us in your project, the more efficient the process and the more precise the solution will be.

Manufacturing Technology

We process steel, light metals, plastic, and carbon-fiber-reinforced materials based on the latest knowledge using computer-controlled, fully automated production cells. We master all processes for the highest demands from 5-axis machining to surface finishing to ultrasonic cleaning.

Topics and Areas

A special focus of our work is on manufacturing surgical instruments such as drilling templates, extraction instruments, reamers, and much more. This is especially true for fields such as orthopedics, trauma and spine surgery, and sports medicine.

Robotics and Navigation

Implants can now be positioned with incredible precision thanks to robot technology and data on the individual anatomical details of the patient. We have the know-how and resources to manufacture instruments for this.